In the Beginning was the End

The truth is within all of us if we have heart to see it.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner
May 5, 2017

It’s just getting interesting here on planet earth. Now’s when Truth breaks through, Gaia shrugs and the Universe humbles our puny paradigms to bring the point home. 

What groundless, truthless and ruthless insanity we’re witnessing. Think of the fear based mindset behind almost every action and reaction, the craving for safety and security and self preservation. Besides survival being an imposed false goalpost in the human psyche, people don’t see the power of death as their friend and companion.

Humanity is so caught up in linear duality it’s remarkable. Their hearts know better but they won’t stop to listen.

This Yahweh and Co.’s creepy hierarchical control plan has almost fizzled out now, yet humanity sustains it. Hence the death throes and psychopathic vibes by which people are whipped around. If they haven’t done the true self work they’ll be thrown under the bus. You…

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