Context – The Shifting Sands of Subjective Awakening

The subjectivity of this supposed awakening is one of the things which slows it down.
Detach and set yourself free.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner
April 29, 2017

Funny how in this manufactured whirled of social and moral relativism people still find grounds to judge so quickly about anything and everything. Little do they know they’re standing in shifting sands on sliding platforms with no true conscious or aware point of reference.

Natural law has been eviscerated from our consciousness.

Thanks to massive social engineering programs, fallacy based education, and now political correctness, there’s nowhere to stand that’s based in reality. Unless you dig for it. And once you find it act upon it.

Natural, truly connected living has been yanked from beneath us. Where’s the context for anything now? From whence do we judge anything? There’s right judgement which is necessary for conscious living, and there’s wrong judgement which falsely evaluates situations and people constantly without the full facts or “walking in their shoes”.

In other words, what is the true…

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