Repelling the Enemy, Keeping the Space, and Turning the Curve

Don’t get lost and don’t fall for the distractions – YOU are the power, YOU are the leader and most of all – YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner
April 23, 2017

This is perhaps one of the most important topics and dynamics to be aware of at this prescient time of gaining true energetic momentum. Many are currently recoiling from an inclination to retreat and withdraw. Very understandable, it happened to me as well in a big way. It’s nasty out there with the onslaught of infected info and negative influences. But it’s currently changing amongst a rare breed of extremely empowered people. I’m hearing it from many quarters with much confirmation of this phenomenon.

It’s essential we recognize this. The manifestation that this is forthcoming will break like daylight on a confused, scattered and mud bound landscape, and will escalate beautifully.

The whole purpose of energetic attacks from any source is to stop those called to do so from doing what they’re meant to to be and do. We all know this is true…

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