Parasites on the Loosh – Knowing and Dissolving the Enemy of Mankind

Time to take your power back.
The energy it takes to comply feeds the life we live.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner


The fundamental understanding that we are an energy source for some form of inter-dimensional parasites is becoming more and more predominant. After all, it fits not only ancient and even current religious and spiritual teachings, but every form of social and psychological framework as well. That we’re being used and abused is obvious, but by whom ultimately, and why?

There’s clearly a wickedly contrary current at play working against the instinctive creative and loving force most of us are tapped into and endeavor to manifest in our lives. We have not just opposition, but apparently a seemingly coordinated or similarly “inspired” enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests.

A simple perusal of the abusive systems at large in the human societal fabric paints a very clear picture.

Whether it’s deliberately dumbing down education and controlled media that only stifle and misdirect, or the…

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