The Enlightened and the Entangled

Starting at the root means learning from our own ignorance; to do that, we must first acknowledge it.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner
April 8, 2017

It’s either/or, and it takes some serious commitment and doing, as well as not doing, to truly get free. Most of us have no idea of what real freedom is, as we tend to listen to our minds predominantly rather than our hearts when it comes to understanding. Besides being a very limited means of perception, our minds are severely corrupted since birth by the engineered world we’re born into. 

Molded by programmed parents and teachers and a societal milieu invented by psychopathic forces and their agents for the sole purpose of control, it’s a fight from day one to fight off these influences and dig our way back to our true selves. 

Upon arrival on this planet and its limited and constricting dimensions, our first response is survival, how to get along and maybe even excel in the maze we walked into. We…

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