The Slaughter of the Sacred Cow

The power does indeed lie within all of us and it is up to everyone to shed the programmed ego and allow humanity to move forward.

Born Outside the Box

by Zen Gardner
April 6, 2017

We all know the obvious sacred cows; religions, belief systems, adherence to hierarchy, small stuff like that. Those externally based and obviously reflected sacred cows are in our faces destroying souls and society alike daily and we tend to think we’re getting a handle on dismantling these.

Or are we really?

Let’s talk about what it is about us that reaches out and make those beliefs ours and maybe we’ll get down to the real root of the issues. After all everything in the external is a mirrored manifestation of what’s going on inside of us, individually as well as collectively. What about presumed life goals and hardened choices we make that we can’t let go of, wrapped in all kinds of garb? And how about that great big idol in our hearts called our image and sense of self? 

Now we’re touching on…

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