How Brainwashing Works – Canadian Brainwashing Corporation (CBC) style

I scan the headlines and read the stories (for that is what they are) from MSM to see what people are programmed with. The other day, I came upon this: B.C. researchers race to find the source of microplastics choking the world’s oceans

Problem, Reaction, Solution (which only the government and ‘scientists’ can provide).

Reading through it, the propaganda jumps out at you and they even get a shot in towards those ‘evil’ smokers.

Right from the title the propaganda starts – Title meant to induce a sense of panic by use of ‘race’, ‘source’ and ‘choking’.
The next line tells us how ‘complex’ this problem is, leaving one to believe that only ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ can find a solution. And reading through, one is left with a sense of ‘guilt’ for doing laundry. (expect some changes in that area perhaps?)

The SOURCE which they allude to searching is not that difficult to see; it is that we are living a toxic, simulated reality all based on petrochemicals. What do you think all that plastic is made from? So, the source is easy to find and CBC are simply lying.

I could go on and tear this article apart but I won’t waste my energy.

I will mention a few things though:

– ‘benevolent’ corporation is helping to fund research
– the CSI mentality is triggered with the “$325,000 infrared spectrometer”

Our own brainwashing is easy to see if you simply don’t ACCEPT the official narrative and think for yourself. Nowhere in the article does it mention HEMP instead of oil based plastics. Nor does it mention money from selling plastic bags for 5 cents each when some simply grocery shop, helping to fund a solution to this problem. (We seem to love to get financially punished if we ‘believe’ it’s for a ‘good’ cause).

What a farce – that people believe these shills.


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