Eugenics and the Culling of the Herd

These two sure get a lot of what is going on – be sure to check out their site – Truthstream Media



Think of vaccines as a way to cull the herd and as a long game – it has been going on for a while.

(Random thought)

An effective way is to push vaccines with as many real discoveries as possible over the years. Then move on to ‘experimental’ vaccine acceptance. You would want to play the fears so that the herd ‘demand’ vaccination of those which hold out; you eventually make them mandatory.

At this stage, one could engineer a virus which is ‘dormant’ until ‘activated’ and inject it along with another anti-viral to be set loose among the un-vaccinated (targeted virus). A high enough death toll will determine the impeding ‘rush’ to go out and get vaccinated for those which were on the fence and not yet fearful enough.

In the end, the game is to activate the implanted biological agent when desired number is reached. Culled.



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