The Age of Stupidity – I Know Nothing

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What has happened is that society has gotten, I’m going to ┬ásay it, STUPID. Fortunately for some, technology for ‘smart’ gadgetry is running rampant and it can help organize your life; click ‘accept’ here and accept the fear of losing it along with the personal connection to others which you so crave yet can’t really find the right app. People will usually buy the next flashy, digital, larger whatever, and stare at it in wonder all the while confusing it for innovation and ‘evolution’. Swipe swipe, drool.

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How Brainwashing Works – Canadian Brainwashing Corporation (CBC) style

I scan the headlines and read the stories (for that is what they are) from MSM to see what people are programmed with. The other day, I came upon this: B.C. researchers race to find the source of microplastics choking the world’s oceans

Problem, Reaction, Solution (which only the government and ‘scientists’ can provide).

Reading through it, the propaganda jumps out at you and they even get a shot in towards those ‘evil’ smokers.

Right from the title the propaganda starts – Title meant to induce a sense of panic by use of ‘race’, ‘source’ and ‘choking’.
The next line tells us how ‘complex’ this problem is, leaving one to believe that only ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ can find a solution. And reading through, one is left with a sense of ‘guilt’ for doing laundry. (expect some changes in that area perhaps?)

The SOURCE which they allude to searching is not that difficult to see; it is that we are living a toxic, simulated reality all based on petrochemicals. What do you think all that plastic is made from? So, the source is easy to find and CBC are simply lying.

I could go on and tear this article apart but I won’t waste my energy.

I will mention a few things though:

– ‘benevolent’ corporation is helping to fund research
– the CSI mentality is triggered with the “$325,000 infrared spectrometer”

Our own brainwashing is easy to see if you simply don’t ACCEPT the official narrative and think for yourself. Nowhere in the article does it mention HEMP instead of oil based plastics. Nor does it mention money from selling plastic bags for 5 cents each when some simply grocery shop, helping to fund a solution to this problem. (We seem to love to get financially punished if we ‘believe’ it’s for a ‘good’ cause).

What a farce – that people believe these shills.

Sometimes we all just talk shite

The next time you or someone talks within the headlines and shouts out numbers like a billion dollars or a trillion dollars like you know what that is – make sure to head to this link to put into context what you are talking about.

We seriously have to learn how to communicate better and stop using terms which enslave us.



Where Did The Orgasm Go?

Something I wrote in the summer of 2009 – One of my favorites

In the age of digital communications, there is so much of ‘us’ that seems to be ‘lost in translation’. I was watching TV (for some reason) and there was a commercial for one of the giant communications corporations giving statistics on the amount of breakups occurring via text, voice mail and email and I was so saddened by it. It seems that the affairs of the heart, the connections to others that we so need have been reduced to just another statistic and something that can easily be thrown away and marketed for the profit of the few.

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Eugenics and the Culling of the Herd

These two sure get a lot of what is going on – be sure to check out their site – Truthstream Media



Think of vaccines as a way to cull the herd and as a long game – it has been going on for a while.

(Random thought)

An effective way is to push vaccines with as many real discoveries as possible over the years. Then move on to ‘experimental’ vaccine acceptance. You would want to play the fears so that the herd ‘demand’ vaccination of those which hold out; you eventually make them mandatory.

At this stage, one could engineer a virus which is ‘dormant’ until ‘activated’ and inject it along with another anti-viral to be set loose among the un-vaccinated (targeted virus). A high enough death toll will determine the impeding ‘rush’ to go out and get vaccinated for those which were on the fence and not yet fearful enough.

In the end, the game is to activate the implanted biological agent when desired number is reached. Culled.


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